Pepper Rutland



Founder & CEO of MMR Group, Pepper Rutland, is an avid believer in giving back to his community.

Pepper Rutland is a leader of the MMR Group, which has become America’s largest open shop electrical and instrumentation firm, and he is also a founding member and Vice President of the Baton Rouge-based nonprofit, Miracle League at Cypress Mounds. The Miracle League provides opportunities for children with disabilities to play baseball and experience what it means to be apart of a team environment through an organized league effort. Pepper Rutland and the members of the league believe that just because you have a disability does not mean you are not able to do the activities you love, which is why he invites the men’s and women’s baseball league to watch over the Miracle League.

Pepper Rutland has had a passion for sports since his high school career, which is why he holds the Miracle League so close to his heart. In high school, he played football and was offered a football scholarship to Louisiana State University and where he played football. He took great pride in being part of the LSU Tigers as outside linebacker and defensive team captain. Pepper Rutland earned his undergraduate degree in Construction Technology and Engineering at LSU.

LSU greatly impacted Pepper’s life. Pepper Rutland is an active philanthropist and he puts a majority of his efforts to donating to his alma mater because of the fond memories and lifelong friendships created during his time at one of the country’s most renowned institutions for higher education. Mr. Rutland is an active board member of LSU’s Charles McClendon Scholarship Foundation, which gives children of former LSU athletes the financial means to get an education. Pepper is also an advisor to the LSU Construction Management program and speaks at various events to promote the organization.

LSU gave Pepper the honor of naming a gate at the LSU’s Tiger Stadium after him due to his generous donations. Pepper was recognized for his contributions of a one million or more dollars to the university at the ribbon cutting ceremony. The former student athlete is quite thankful for his opportunities he received at LSU and enjoys giving similar opportunities to ensure the bright futures of young people.

Additionally, Pepper Rutland’s professional success has resulted in MMR Group being inducted into the LSU College of Engineering’s Society for Engineering Excellence. The donations of the MMR Group have been extremely instrumental in the education of LSU’s eager engineering students, and have led to the development of several engineering and computer laboratories within the newly-constructed College of Engineering building at LSU.  The donations have allowed the department to become more advanced with technology. One of the laboratories is a 3-D building simulation and information modeling studio while the other is an advanced materials and methods laboratory. Students who utilize these resources will be armed with the skills and experience to get them on track for successful careers in the construction industry. In addition to this donation MMR Group also provides opportunities to LSU students majoring in construction management and athletes through its internships and summer jobs.

LSU established the Hall of Distinction in 1979 to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the engineering profession. Criteria for election includes distinguished professional achievement, dedicated service to engineering and outstanding humanitarian activities. Pepper Rutland was recently inducted into LSU’s College of Engineering Hall of Distinction for his donations and outreach.

Pepper does not just stop at his alma mater for his philanthropic acts, he also pursues them in his company. In just the last year, MMR Group has helped children in need through several different types of charities. Organizations included the U.S. Marine Corps ‘Toys for Tots Program’, the Salvation Army’s ‘Angel Tree Giving Program,’ which made donations to help recovery efforts following the Louisiana and Texas floods, and delivered toys to children in Ecuador while working in the country. As a whole, the company values charity and the act of helping those who need it most.

Through Pepper Rutland’s work with The Miracle League and the donations made to LSU, he has inspired several young athletes and their parents and in return, he hopes that they strive to provide for their children and their children’s children. Pepper believes that emphasizing philanthropy in today’s youth will be a huge factor in how our communities continue to grow. This blog has served as a way for Pepper to connect with his community and help to inspire others along the way. Pepper understands that there is a plethora of communities that need help, therefore he tries to showcase the unique causes, foundations and organizations to help increase opportunities for a more philanthropic world.

Pepper Rutland’s goal as a philanthropist is to make a difference. Hence, he contributes to a wide range of national organizations, which include: United Way, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Red Cross and the Special Olympics.

Today, Pepper has become more advanced in being able to reach out to others and his community. One way he stays connected is by being an avid blogger. Rutland utilizes content marketing to offer real information to his blog readers. Through continual education and research, he ensures that his blogs are accurate, informative, and interesting. Topics covered include TedTalks, How to Choose A Charity, and more.

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