PEPPER RUTLAND | The Miracle League at Cypress Mounds

Pepper Rutland has been heavily involved with The Miracle League at Cypress Mounds since it first began. In fact, Pepper was an early founder and currently serves as the Vice President on the Board of Directors.


The sports industry holds a special place in Pepper’s heart. For Pepper, it was a driving force in his college career, having gotten a football scholarship to attend Louisiana State University, and ultimately becoming captain of the University’s prestigious football team. Thanks to his excellent education at LSU and his dedication to great service with MMR Group, Pepper Rutland has been able to give back to LSU in many ways. While it’s been wonderful to give back to his alma mater, Pepper still felt a calling to further help his community.


The Miracle League at Cypress Mounds was the perfect opportunity for Pepper to meld his love of sports,  youth education and inclusion, and philanthropy. According to the Miracle League’s website, their mission statement is as follows:


“Our Mission is to provide opportunities for children and adults with special needs to play baseball as part of an organized league, regardless of their abilities.”

This message was important for Pepper to spread across his community. Where football was able to help Pepper succeed in life and business, The Miracle League may be able to help others see their full potential through baseball. Organized youth sports not only teach children how to be disciplined, work in groups, problem solve, and recognize the value of practice, organizations such as The Miracle League give children hope, possibilities, and most importantly, joy.

Pepper Rutland sees serving on the Board of Directors as a great honor, and encourages his fellow community members to support this wonderful cause. To learn more about The Miracle League at Cypress Mounds, visit their website at