meetings-1149198_960_720Leaders of companies around the world use philanthropy as a way to give back to the communities in which they work, some even sponsor ventures abroad. Ideally, the result of such is that the people are enhanced by and effectively part of the company. Likewise, employees of companies with more charitable involvement tend to be happier with high morale and sense of value, since people value doing the right thing. While these directives can come from the top as a mandate or idea, it’s very important to have the support of everyone in the organization to get things done and to build an overall culture of giving–that is both genuine and meaningful. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself what needs to take place for that to be a reality. Continue reading:


  1. Lead The Way
    One of the best ways you can make your employees feel like everyone is doing their part is by doing yours. If you’re philanthropic outside of work, that’s wonderful. It shows that you believe in donating money, time and other resources to important causes. Carry that spirit and those values into the workplace as well. With your influence, you have the opportunity to set the tone of the company’s view on giving by being an example of generosity. This is a crucial factor in creating an attitude through which people feel like a part of a team. Afterall, one of the greatest benefits of corporate giving is that it maximizes the efforts of individuals by working together toward a common goal.
  2. Listen
    Though leadership is important, all of the ideas about where and the company should be involved don’t have to be one-sided. In fact, it would be helpful to get feedback from your employees about which causes are dear to them and in what ways they are involved outside of work. The more support you have from the team, the better your chances are at realizing a common thread of philanthropy and social responsibility as a company. Unsurprisingly, many people are already interested in making a difference, whether through volunteer efforts or donations to those in need. Work to connect their ideas with those of the company.
  3. Make it convenient
    The objective of creating a giving culture is to make the process simple for employees to be involved. This can be done by, one: making sure employees have all of the information necessary to participate, including schedules, giving goals and other resources for things like FAQs. It may be helpful to create a general campaign or even to match individual donations, which has become popular for multiple companies. For volunteer work, consider offering a set amount of PTO for those who would like to participate in certain efforts during normal work hours. It should be clear that the company has your full support.