Everyone knows how powerful the feeling of motivation can be. However, being motivated and actually implementing that motivation into progressive action can be easier said than done.

Our motivating factor is our end goal, whether it be short-term or long-term. What is it that keeps us continuously motivated, or in other words, moving consistently and swiftly toward our goals each day?

The first thing that helps us to actualize our dreams is to make a set plan.

This plan should be written down. It should involve:

– Identifying your goal, first and foremost

– What you need to achieve in order to get to that goal

– The steps you are going to take each day to get there

Envisioning Our Desired Reality

Taking as much time as possible to visualize our dreams and aspirations each day as if we already achieved them is imperative to realizing them. This method appeals to our basic psychology. If our brain can see the future we want in vivid detail and how it is going to make us happy, its natural inclination is to make that happen. This only works though, when we make an effort to think positively and truly believe in our vision becoming reality. Focusing all of our positive and determined energy towards the future we see ourselves having and knowing it will happen is extremely empowering.

Also, when taking the time to visualize in order to bring into fruition, another good thing to practice is to be aware of how it makes you feel. Being cognizant of the feeling you get when thinking about your goal can be a great motivator, as it confirms your passion and inspiration; Your reason for moving forward. Here’s a great audiobook on the power of mental energy.

Reading your Plan of Action Daily

Looking at your established goals and plan will give you further confidence in its tangibility. It will give you a chance to stick it to memory, therefore becoming your subconscious driving motivating factor every day you wake up. The most effective approach to this step would be to read them every morning you wake up and every night before you go to sleep, so it is the first thing your brain sees in the morning and the last thing it sees before dreaming.