Spring represents a lot of different things for different people. Plants are blooming, the sun is starting to shine more, people begin to be are more active, and creativity thrives. It’s a great time to rally your community together to do some service projects volunteer. Not only is it a great time occasion to spark hope and new ideas, it’s a natural time for volunteers to reach out other than during holiday seasons, giving you providing a higher chance of successfully achieving your mission statement.

Here are some fun and community-centric activities that you can employ to raise charitable awareness in your area this spring.

Community Service Days

The first place you should check with when looking to organize a charitable event or make a charitable impact is with your local government and nonprofits. It’s very likely that your city, town, or nearby community has a Community Service Day planned. Some areas even have annual Community Service Weeks that happen annually to raise awareness for multiple organizations. Activities typically include beautifying your community through trash clean up, mural painting, lighting maintenance on buildings that need some upkeep, etc. Simple service projects that involve minimal effort, but provide and a significant impact are going to attract the most amount of volunteers in your community. Check in with your local authorities and community leaders for insight on spring opportunities that you can to join.

Piggyback Off Of A Big Event

To cut down on advertising costs and to capture a broader audience, try picking an activity that coincides with an event that’s already happening. For instance, March Madness is a massive event that millions of people watch every year. Whether you want to tap into the popularity surrounding filling out March Madness brackets, or host an event to view the championship game on a big screen with food and drink for all participants, you can very quickly capitalize on the success of other activities to help fundraise for your mission.

Get Youth Community Members Excited

It has been implied in the past that if you grow up giving to charity or giving back to your community, you’re more likely to do so as an adult in your older years. National Youth Service Day was created to inspire change in our youth and draw them towards community service projects. Held in April, this national day of service is a great way to teach your community’s youth about the importance of volunteering. Try setting up an interactive event that gives your community’s children the chance to take part in something bigger than themselves – they might just catch the bug early!