The people of the United States give an incredible amount of money each year to a variety of charitable causes. When people give their hard-earned money, they want to know it is going to a good cause. They want to know that their money is having an impact and making a difference.


One way to gauge the impact a charity is having is by examining how much of one’s donation is actually going towards programs. Some charities spend a lot on fundraising and overhead, leaving less for programs. The following charities use almost 100 percent of their funds for programs that make a difference.


The International Children’s Fund

The International Children’s Fund is committed to helping meet the needs of the poorest children in Africa. This charity teams up with missionaries on the ground in Africa. Aid is given directly to the missionaries, and they are able to distribute the aid to those who need it the most. This charity helps to provide food and medical assistance.


The Food Bank of Southern California

The Food Bank of Southern California has worked in the Los Angeles area since 1975. They provide good meals to over 250,000 people on a weekly basis. In addition to helping individuals with their food needs, this charity provides food to homeless shelters, senior centers and community groups to make an additional outreach into the community.


Books For Africa

Books For Africa is committed to increasing the rate of literacy within the African continent. This group was founded in 1988, and it works in over 50 countries. Last year, Books for Africa sent 2.3 million books to provide reading material and to help fight illiteracy. Throughout its history, the group has sent over 40 million books to Africa.


Direct Relief

Direct Relief provides assistance to every state in the United States and to more than 80 nations around the world. This group was founded in 1948, and it has been committed to providing medical aid and humanitarian aid to those in the world who are the most vulnerable. Direct Relief is on the front line when emergencies strike and help is needed.


These are just a few of the charities that are making an impact on the world. There are many groups striving to make a difference.