There is a stunning epidemic that has plagued people across the world of all races, ages, and genders for decades. This tragic problem has seen great strides of improvement over the years, but great improvement is a statistic difficult to pin down as a win when there are still so many that suffer. This global issue is hunger, and the numbers surrounding it are hard enough to stomach, let alone digest.


In this 3 part series on giving, I will be focusing on 6 organizations that you can work with to help combat some of the world’s most unforgiving issues. The charitable groups in the list below have taken the initiative to fight world hunger, an epidemic that claims the lives of 9 million people each year; over 3 million of those people being children. While the statistics are shocking and sad, there are ways to help. By contributing the groups below, and adding charitable giving to your lifestyle, together the world can cure the chilling epidemics that plague our planet.


Bread for the World

Seeking to provide change through policy analysis and education on the needs of the hungry, this faith-led organization puts pressure on lawmakers to combat world hunger through political change.


The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project focuses on hunger in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Their mantra, “Empowering Men and Women to End Their Own Hunger,” speaks to their ultimate mission of sustainable solutions with grassroots foundations.


Share Our Strength

With a staggering number of hungry children in the United States alone, Share Our Strength (SOS) vows to help children from going hungry. Whether this be through school-lunch programs or traditional donations, SOS strives to “…ensure that every child in the United States has access to healthy food where they live, where they learn and where they play.”


City Harvest

This group was founded after citizens in New York City noticed large amounts of food being discarded from restaurants at the end of the day. Eager to salvage the perfectly edible food, members work with local restaurants to give this food to those in need. Not in NYC? Start your own City Harvest by clicking here.


Freedom From Hunger

Helping those in need for over 70 years, this charity was founded in California and focuses on the international outcry for help against chronic hunger. Freedom From Hunger also strives to bring innovative and sustainable solutions to those they help.


Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger encourages people not only to donate but to start fundraisers and spread the positive message of their efforts with friends and family. In the past year, they’ve served 14.9 million people in 47 countries.