Donations and traditional fundraising can sometimes fall short if presented in the wrong ways. Unfortunately, since giving to charities is a growing practice, charities and nonprofits have had to look for creative ways to reach new and repeat audiences. A new trend that has swept the millennial generation is to gift philanthropy. There are many ways in which you can do this, and below I’ve listed a few of the techniques that have recently become very popular. While volunteering and traditional donations are still very important, offering unique alternative to the traditional practices of giving can provide new life for tired tactics and ignite a new passion in different audiences.


Wedding Favors

Weddings can cost a family thousands of dollars, and while the memories of that event will last a lifetime, there is a way to make an even larger impact on a wider audience all thanks to your big day. Instead of favors at your wedding, make a small donation in the name of your guest instead. You can even order custom place cards to have at each table setting with personalized messages showing the donation. National organizations such as the American Cancer Society even has these options available on their website for bulk orders.


Christmas Cards

If you’re unable to donate Christmas gifts to families in need during the holiday season, you can always gift a donation to your friends and family instead. Companies such as the Charity Gift Catalog through World Vision, Kiva, Read Between the Lines, and The Gift of Giving, have dozens of card options that not only offer a hopeful message but donates portions of their profit to larger organizations giving to those in need. It may not be a shiny gift, but it will be a gift that allows someone else to shine.


Gift Cards

Thanks to thoughtful companies like CharityChoice, giving a gift that gives back is easier than ever. Different from the above tactics, CharityChoice is a gift card that allows the gift receiver to choose up to 3 charities to donate the money on their gift card to. Partnering with over 1000 charities, there is a cause for anyone to connect to. They also offer eGifts, access to traditional donations and bulk order discounts if you are looking to purchase these gift cards in large quantities for an office event or gifts.


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