pexels-photo-50614-largeWhen Apple came up with the slogan “There’s An App for That,” to market their now iconic iPhone, there had already been a plethora of programs and resources in its digital stores, designed to facilitate the lives of customers constantly in search of convenience. Then, its quarter of a million apps were mostly for entertainment and productivity. Now, some 5 years later, the store has grown significantly and includes practically everything imaginable, including apps which target the good nature of humanity and make the process of giving simpler and easier.


Of course, the internet and a growing web of social interaction have turned philanthropy into a global movement in many respects, with tools like crowdfunding or carefully organized events, such as GivingTuesday. Yet the reality of apps designed for the specific purpose of donating is a sign that we’ve truly evolved into a more charity conscious society, for the better of course.


If you’re looking to finally get involved or are simply seeking out ways to enhance current practices, this list is for you.


  1. Instead
    The idea behind this app is to show users the impact of micro donations, which can be accomplished by simply foregoing normal expenditures like daily starbucks, and using those funds to help those in need…instead. 95% of proceeds go to the selected cause and you’ve done something worthwhile with your $5 that will last much longer than a quick cup of joe.
  2. Share The Meal
    A part of the United Nations Food Programme, the app allows users to donate as little as $0.50 to help feed hungry children around the world. It includes a social aspect that shows how much your friends have given as well.
  3. Charity Miles
    You don’t actually spend your own money, using this app. Instead, you can donate to a quality cause by being active. Bikers, runners, and walkers, can log into the app before exercise, select a charity of their choice, then donate between 10 and 25 cents per mile, respectively, as they workout.
  4. Donate A Photo
    Likewise, users who download the free “Donate A Photo” app can make a difference simply by doing what they love best: snapping and sharing photos. As a result, the company Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 per donation for a total of $365 for the year (one image donation per day is allowed).