Philanthropy has a lot of power to improve the lives of others. However, it also has great power to transform your life, and community. When you harness the power of philanthropy, amazing things can happen:

Greater Sense of Purpose

Purpose is one of the most important aspects of human nature. Without a purpose you can drift for years without knowing where you want to go. It can cause a lot of mental health issues as well. Volunteering helps you see the forest for the trees.


Isolating yourself is a surefire way to feel depressed and anxious. Use philanthropy as a tool to help you connect with others. You will soon find that you have more fun when you are engaged socially, even if you do not receive monetary value in return.


Everyone needs stimulation. Without it, you risk having your mind lose its edge. So philanthropy can help you apply your energy to solving an interesting problem. Then, your mind can stay sharp so you don’t feel like you’re losing any capacities as you age, no matter what stage of life you are in.


If you lose perspective, it can affect every other area of your life. Keeping the right perspective can be possible if you are getting outside of yourself often. Reach out and help people truly in need to understand just how good you have it. Then, you will realize that most of your problems are not that big of a deal after all.

Teach Positive Values

Your family needs to understand what the right way to interact in the world looks like. You can teach them from a young age in their formative years by getting them involved in philanthropy. They will come to learn how wonderful it feels to help others and focus on something bigger than themselves. Plus, it promotes bonding and trust within the family.

Today’s modern world is a lot different than the past. In the tribal days of humanity, it was natural to help one another on a communal level. With the separate nature of people today, coming together with philanthropy is one of the most powerful things to do. So find ways to give back in your community and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.