Pepper Rutland introduces 10 charitable apps that users should download now.Charitable donations are starting to become a staple in the budgets of millions of Americans. With so many charities, both local and global, to choose from, it can be hard to take the time to decide which charities to give to. Thanks to growing technology, there are a plethora of apps that can make donating as easy as clicking a button. Here are a few of the top charitable apps that you can download now to make a difference.


Check-in for Good

The Check-in for Good app takes the fundamentals of Foursquare and connects users with charitable causes that relate to the location they are currently visiting. If you would already be letting people know where you are on social media, implementing this app will be very easy.


I Can Go Without

Listed as Mashable’s second favorite charitable app that can easily fit into your daily routine, this app gives users the ability to make better choices within their daily routine that give opportunity to donating to someone in need.


Share the Meal

This popular app is the creation of the United Nations World Food Programme. The process is very straightforward, as users can easily donate as much or as little as they can to provide a child with a meal.


Charity Miles

For those who like to stay fit, Charity Miles offers 25 cents for every mile run/walked and 10 cents for every mile biked. All change goes to the charity of your choice.


Donate a Photo

Started by Johnson & Johnson, Donate A Photo gives users the chance to upload images and earn a $1 donation per image to the charity of their choice.



The Instead app will serve as the “good angel on your shoulder.” By suggesting small changes to your daily routine, Instead will find ways for you to organically add charitable giving into your day.


Give 2 Charity

Give 2 Charity has a very simple concept: go places, gain points, give to charity. This charitable app will keep track of the places you go and give you points to donate.



According to an article recently published by, Tinbox is a free charity app that lets you give one dollar each day to a specific project that a charity is doing. The twist is that this donation comes from a corporate sponsor.



If you have a particularly competitive family or group of friends, the Budge app is perfect for you. All you need to do is set up a challenge between two parties and determine the amount you’d like the loser of that challenge to donate.



Last but not least, JustGive is a no-frills charitable app that is very user friendly. Huffington Post even recently declared JustGive as possibly the easiest online app for making traditional donations.