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Tips for Creating Your Own Giving Circle

Starting your own giving circle is much easier than you might think. With the right ideas and organization, you can quickly get your giving circle up and running. Here are the top tips for getting started! Acquire goals and structure Get your group together for the first meeting! During the meeting you will want to consider how frequently the group… Read more →

Pepper Rutland

Famous Charities Started by Children

Some of the greatest and most well-known charities have actually been masterminded by children. The following are three of the most successful foundations created by children. ALEX’S LEMONADE FOUNDATION Alex Scott is the mastermind behind this extremely well known charity. Diagnosed with cancer before the age of one, she was ready to raise money to help other kids like her… Read more →

By Pepper Rutland

3 Trends Philanthropists Should Be Aware Of in 2018

Trends come and go, and in charitable organizations, it is no different. While philanthropy is a pretty steady market without much change – the you-give-and-someone-receives model is very standard – there are constant improvements within the industry that make giving to charity a better experience for all involved. There are a few new trends that all philanthropists should look out… Read more →

By Pepper Rutland

Charitable Community Activities For Spring 2018

Spring represents a lot of different things for different people. Plants are blooming, the sun is starting to shine more, people begin to be are more active, and creativity thrives. It’s a great time to rally your community together to do some service projects volunteer. Not only is it a great time occasion to spark hope and new ideas, it’s… Read more →

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Top Ted Talks About Philanthropy

Charity is a huge part of our society. As a nation touted to be a melting pot of cultures, we have very diverse groups of people that are either struggling or wanting to help the struggling. Their circumstances are as different as they are individually unique. Because philanthropy is such a huge part of our culture, and because we have… Read more →

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How To Choose A Charity

So, you want to make an impact on your community – that’s excellent news! You may be feeling stuck and unsure of how exactly to make an impactful donation. It’s quite common to have some questions about which charity is right for you. And with so many charities to choose from, it can be an even more difficult decision. There… Read more →

Pepper Rutland Louisiana CHarity Events in Spring 2018

Louisiana Charity Events in Spring 2018

Spring is an exciting time not only for local charities in the Baton Rouge area, but for groups throughout Louisiana. From cocktail events, to family fun outings, to 5Ks and bike rides and more, there are events taking place this spring to raise funds and awareness for many worthy causes that have direct impacts on the community at large.  … Read more →

HOW TO GIVE- Reviving Education

How to Give: Reviving Education

For the final installment of my 3 part series entitled, “How to Give,” in which I take a look at 6 nonprofits around the country that are fighting some of the most serious epidemics in our country and beyond, I’ve decided to focus on the topic of education. The United States is incredibly fortunate to have a great amount of… Read more →