For the final installment of my 3 part series entitled, “How to Give,” in which I take a look at 6 nonprofits around the country that are fighting some of the most serious epidemics in our country and beyond, I’ve decided to focus on the topic of education. The United States is incredibly fortunate to have a great amount of opportunity for education no matter your gender or family’s income. However, there are still gaps within the system where children either drop out due to family needs, or never enroll at all. Furthermore, there are areas of the country where education is not a top priority in the lives of children and adults. Across the globe, education continues to need support in poorer countries. The 6 nonprofits highlighted here have taken steps to ensure everyone who deserves a quality education receives one, whether in the United States or beyond.


Teach For America

This successful and popular nonprofit helps to connect recent college graduates with teaching opportunities to school systems in need of extra help and quality education. Each employee must commit to two years of teaching, ensuring that these schools and educators have the time and resources they need to be successful and promote education and educational opportunities.


Classroom Earth

This program is sponsored by the National Environmental Education Foundation and the Weather Channel. In schools across the nation, environmental education is lacking in both educational materials and opportunity. Classroom Earth seeks to encourage educators to incorporate green elements into their lesson plans as well as teach their students about the importance of being environmentally conscience.


Music Unites

A great education doesn’t stop at science and math! Music Unites aims to support music education in schools all over the world. Currently the top nonprofit of its kind, this innovative nonprofit has even featured workshops with musical experts such as Gary Clark Jr., Sting, and Swizz Beats, who have all worked as ambassadors for the program.


Teachers Without Borders

With tens of thousands of members offline, nearly 7,000 members online, and a presence in more than 180 countries, Teachers Without Borders works to create a community in which students and teachers feel supported. Through lessons on effective teaching methods that reach beyond the classroom, Teachers Without Borders encourages success and quality education for all.


Education Pioneers

Founded in Oakland, California, this west coast nonprofit strives to transform education into the best led and managed sector in the United States. Education Pioneers also focuses on social issues that can get in the way of a child’s education and problems that occur outside of the classroom. The organization currently has 200 partners across 20 cities.


The Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF)

Silicon Valley is the mecca for new and innovative ideas, so it should be no surprise that the area has introduced an idea to revolutionize education. SVEF is dedicated to ensuring a successful future for our students, focusing heavily on the critical areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Those involved with SVEF believe that they have the opportunity to enhance public education, and want students to realize their full potential.
I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series on giving. If you missed the past articles in the series, How to Give: Ending Hunger, and How to Give: Ending Homelessness, you can access them on my website dedicated to philanthropy. This series has served as a great way to become more involved in the community and to reflect on just how much we can give to others who are in need.