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Coming Together in the Wake of Tragedy

  On August 12, 2016, Louisiana was devastated with flooding rains that were said have amounted to three times as much rainfall as the horror of Hurricane Katrina. The Red Cross labeled it, “the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy,” which occurred 4 years prior. Furthermore, in the wake of damage, some 20,000 individuals had to be rescued and, sadly,… Read more →


Building A Culture of Corporate Giving

Leaders of companies around the world use philanthropy as a way to give back to the communities in which they work, some even sponsor ventures abroad. Ideally, the result of such is that the people are enhanced by and effectively part of the company. Likewise, employees of companies with more charitable involvement tend to be happier with high morale and… Read more →

mmr group employees with children in ecuador

Bringing Smiles To Ecuador

Much of the focus on international charity has been directed to countries in Africa. Rightfully so, given the economic disparities and the spate of problems which exist on the continent. In fact, in a ranking of the 10 poorest countries in the world, all of them are in Africa. The poorest of them, Malawi, having a little more than $200… Read more →

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Yes, There Are Benefits to Philanthropy

Every year, more people in the U.S. are donating time and money to causes of their choosing. As I’ve mentioned previously, America continues to be one of the most charitable countries on earth. Still, there are many who wonder whether philanthropy is for everyone, and if there are benefits beyond giving their hard earned money to others. I do not… Read more →


The When, Where and How of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is a hot topic these days. The subject of charity has even sparked think pieces and research projects from media and scholars to understand the science behind giving. Yet, the idea itself a rather broad concept, with an equally broad level of responsibility for participants. By that, I mean there are a number of issues throughout the world which… Read more →


Giving Back, Together

Every year since 1979, the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program has worked with communities of generous donors to ensure that thousands of children and families enjoy gifts during the holidays, despite economic struggles. Last month, employees at MMR Group joined in their efforts, and provided clothing, toys and other items from wish lists of some 55 children in the Baton… Read more →